Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I have started so many projects that at times I have forgotten about something I haven't worked on in awhile. I try to keep everything up to date in  Ravelry to help keep track. 

ALL my WIPS (works in progress) -

Diatom shawl - first circular shawl!!
Eric's blanket - this lays beside our bed and I knit while watching tv at night
Afghan - afghan club with Knit unto Others in Arkadelphia. Fourth month was received in August
Honeycomb blanket
Dad's birthday - needs to be done by 9/17
Christmas gift x2 
Retreat gifts - quick items but need to do 13!
Surprise shawl 
Slippers - for KTS retreat
Cisco's scarf - halfway through!
purse - finished 1 of the 4 sides
Simple Shawl 

Last night I finished my Saroyan shawl made with alpaca! This was the first thing I have made with alpaca; it was so soft and fun to knit. I'll block it today and post pictures tomorrow. 

Some of my projects while I love them I get tired of working on them - I like variety - so I have each of my projects in a bag and rotate through them. This gives me variety and I make progress on each project

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  1. I love your new blog format! :) And I am so jealous of you and your knitting! I love to crochet *never knitted* but never seem to have time to anymore! :)'s all I see/think/drink/! :)

    Love ya girlie!