Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Football knitting and Finished Project

Football is my favorite sport to watch on tv and this will be my first year to knit during football season! Maybe this year I can stay interested in a full game. I don't do good with just sitting and watching anything on tv, I feel like I have to be doing something. This was my main reason for wanting to learn to knit, to give me something to do while watching movies or tv. I'm excited to see how much knitting I get done while watching the games with Eric. 

Finished Project -

I finished my Saroyan scarf last week.

This was such a fun pattern to knit

it was so neat to watch each leaf form. 

Details of this project:
Needle - US size 7 (4.5 mm)
Yarn - Morning Moon alpaca
Amount of yarn - about 1 1/2 skeins ***
Pattern - Saroyan
Size made - 7 increases - 12 straights - 7 decreases
Would I knit this again? YES! The new Saroyan pattern came out this week and I can't wait to try it. There are leaves on both sides of the scarf!

Things I learned with this pattern - 
1. Do not cut yarn until you are 100% sure you are done with the pattern
2. I love alpaca
3. I don't have enough t-pins (this has been resolved!!)
4. When I knit this again do only increases/decrease to make a triangle.
5. Listen to Amy and take her suggestions.

*** I did not measure my skeins before starting to knit. Ravelry has 190 yards per skein, Morning Moon's signs at the booth listed the skeins as 200 yards, and a friend measured hers and only had around 183 yards. Since I didn't measure I don't know exactly how much I used. I have around 90 yards left out of 2 skeins.


  1. That is beautiful! :) You need to open an Etsy shop girlie! :)

  2. Football!!! Increases? Straights? Decreases? Ummm... Football!!!

  3. Love it! That is one of the main reasons I knit... So I can make it through a whole movie, football game or TV show!