Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I haven't posted our menu because we are just rotating the same dinners...turkey patties, spaghetti, salad, chicken.  These are meals we like and all are super quick and easy.  Eric did make chile verde on Sunday and it was so yummy! 

If you know me, you know I like LOVE bags and purses. I might have an addiction to them.  I like to keep each of my knitting projects in a separate project bag.  I have bought a couple and have used some small bags I already had for others. However, I got the urge to sew some bags!  Before buying a sewing machine, I wanted to make sure I was going to be able to make them.  So I asked my friend Amy to help me...she did and we made some super cute bags!!
She made this one to show me how to do it. Isn't it cute?? I love it!

This is the one I made (with Amy's help) and I was pretty impressed with myself! I have now added a sewing machine to my wish list. 

Diatom Shawl
 Of course, I've been knitting! 
I am working slowly on my Diatom shawl! Amy and I decided to make it a knit-a-long (KAL). I'm excited she is joining me. 

The knitting group I go to is having a retreat in October. Everyone is making slippers so we can take pictures. I don't wear slippers, so I decided to make little slipper socks. I love how they are turning out.

Another friend asked me to make her some dishcloths. I got one done, but have put it on hold for a week or so to get a couple gifts done. So while this is one completed cloth, I don't consider this a completed project until the other 3 are done. I have an idea to modify this pattern and hope it turns out good. 

What new recipes are you trying? 
If you knit, what is your favorite pattern as a go to for gifts?

Have a great day!!
~ Cassey

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  1. Chile Verde! YUMMMMM!!!! Send Eric over to my house to whip some up would ya?

    I am so jealous of your knitting and sewing and projects. I just can't find the time these days. With school, working part time, blogging and just keeping up with Cash and Larry I am catching myself coming and going. I WANT to crochet and scrapbook this fall for Christmas presents. I NEED to.